MRZNJA "Apostol Samoce"

cut 114: MRZNJA "Apostol Samoce"
Demo 2010. Black Metal from Serbia. Tape limited 99 copies. Mrznja - Apostol Samoce is recorded between March-April 2010 at Manifest (home) studio, Belgrade, Serbia, and it is second official Mrznja release. All instruments are played and programmed by Mrznja himself, also vocals, except last lines of "Apostol Samoce" track with guest vocal appearance of Angeldust. Addition to original "Apostol Samoce" is one instrumental track called "Snovidjeno-Delirium ver.", which is a experimental cover of an older Mrznja song called "Snovidjeno" which can be heard on "Devouring the Eyes of The World" rehearshal demo (2009). Showing no interest in strict genre definition,Mrznja stands for that his sound is just Black Metal,with no other prefix such as raw and/or depressive Black metal,since both elements are crucial for his cold and obscure sound.

Price: 6.99€