VENUSPULS - Herzschlag des Endzeit-Architekten

Since 2004 Martin
Lang/TODESSTOSS uses as another, independent artistic platform the
expressive electronic art project VENUSPULS, for that he deals with
nebulous, occult, apocalyptic, dark erotic, extraterrestrial, eerie and
other sensitive and subtle matters, setting them to music finally.
The songs are not created with cheap samples but with creativity. A
musical mixture of dark ambient sounds, powerful and energetic
electronic beats and even some neoclassical and industrial elements -
always personal-aesthetic - not noisy.
The music surely isn’t made for a superficial public, but for the
egosphere of any dark prince or princess dwelling in the sky time and
time again.

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1. Wund fressen mich die Nass-Gefuhle

2. Traume eines Tiefseeprinzen

3. Herzschlag des Endzeit-Architekten

4. Distanz: hautnah

5. Seelenkompost

6. Wahnsinn weht

7. Multimedia track: flash application (both .swf and .exe files) playing mp3s and showing pictures and photos by the artist.

Total playing time: 51:21

W.E. 020

Release date: 11.11.2008

Price: 11.00€