TRUNAR - Christs not Christians

At first glance I didn’t really have high expectations for this demo. Trunar have a decidedly “kvlt” image and while this is the case with a lot of black metal bands it can also make me wary when they’re so far entrenched in the depths of obscurity. It’s generally known that the vast majority of demos aren’t really up to par in terms of quality and combining this with the nonsensical title and clichй art I was expecting to be bored to death by another failed attempt of a black metal demo. Thankfully my early judgment was proven wrong, sort of.
Once the first track “The Destruction of What Is Forever” began to play I was met with a surprisingly intense slab of black metal that in a way reminded me of a little bit of Funeral Mist with a much larger dose of rawness and a lesser helping of technicality. What we have here matched my expectations when it came to raw, generally simple black metal; although Trunar is willing to inject a surprising amount of flair here and there.
Despite my initially surprise Trunar soon lulls into monotony and boredom, with some strong moments of “been there, done that”. The tone of the demo completely shifts once the synth closer “Odinsvei” begins to play. This track could have been done well but at a length of 12 minutes it’s too much too handle for something less interesting and even more repetitive then the rest of the album, Tomhet II this is not. It slightly stands above the majority of black metal demos around but in the end it’s still just “Raw Black Metal 101”.

Price: 10.00€