SKULLFLOWER - Orange canyon mind

Utterly glorious noise psych-out from Matthew Bower. Euphoric, blasting,
coruscating waves of fuzz; juggernauts of pulsating bass. Warping
witches' fingers of liquid sound lick at your ears like cold flames
while crashing planets destroy the gravity in your brain. That's just
track 1. Despite being cacophonous, this is beautiful to my ears: it's a
richly harmonic maelstrom of overdriven analogue. I'm not sure how it
was created, but it's super-effective: all kinds of power-electronics
mayhem, plus some acid guitar, and barely audible percussion in a thick,
lurching, surging syrup of cosmic goodness.
Sometimes the tracks are
underpinned by spacy nodding grooves, sometimes there is just a
clenched roar of sound, an electrical storm of wild sonics; but there is
always a dense and captivating tapestry of noises, tunes and

Price: 7.00€