The cover of this split release features majestic partially mist covered
rocky mountaintops. Omega Massif provide the perfect soundtrack to
these images with two lengthy slabs of bass heavy post rock each track
starting off slowly in an almost melancholy fashion before taking you on
a journey of twists and turns each time you think you know what’s
coming next there’s a slight turn and another epic passage they draw you
in slowly and keep you there for the full trip.

If Omega massif are the sound of a hike in the mountaintops then Mount
logan sound like they set off on the same hike but decided to eat some
strange berries in the foot hills. The seven tracks are more manic than
the earlier stuff I’d heard by the band and the wacky vocals for some
reason make me think the band are Italian rather than German? The jagged
stop start sound is very much rhythm driven with some intricate
drumming and driving bass lines. If you were to put Battles into a
blender with Zu minus the sax and poured out the result you would not be
far off what’s on offer here.

I’m undecided whether or not this works as a split release as would
someone into one band be interested in the other? I’ll admit that the
Omega massif tracks caught me pretty much straight off but it’s the
Mount Logan tracks that I’ve played over and over trying to make up my
mind whether I like them or not? I’m still not sure.

Price: 10.00€