MASTERY - Barbaric usurpation of the hypereonic black metal throne 2 x CDs

more blackness oozes forth from the fertile blood saoked soil beneath
the Bay Area. First there was Leviathan, Crebain, Draugar, now comes the
one horde known simply as Mastery, who, when not supplying bass and
vocals for local black metallers Horn Of Dagoth, spews forth a dizzying,
blasting, ultra brutal, ultra raw, old school, frenzied and frenetic
blackness, buzzing and Burzumic, thrashing and chaotic, pounding and
primitive. Prepare yourself for Mastery's Barbaric Usurpation Of The
Hypereonic Black Metal Throne. Two discs collecting every Mastery
recording to date!

2 x CD

Price: 15.00€