LIKE A KIND OF MATADOR - Halfway to Dangerous

and final release from this now defunct UK trio who meld crushing slow
motion doomdronesludge with haunting prog and drifting abstract
ambience. A swirling, slow moving prog-doom juggernaut.

downtuned riffage chruns around fluttery flutes, while wheezing
accordions whirl beneath angelic female vox and warm whirring organs,
all wound into subtly complex expanses of slow motion heaviness and epic
cinematic dronemetal...

looooooong songs, the shortest just shy of 10 minutes, the longest
clocking in at 20, each a slow burning, slow build, layers of drones and
hushed shimmer, often taking upwards of half the song before the
various elements coalesce into actual riffs, the drums kicking in and
the band lurching into a massive ultradoom start / stop groove,
explosions of blown out buzz giving way to long stretches of hushed
whisper, only to be swallowed up again by another roiling onslaught, a
heaving wall of downtuned guitars, a pounding barrage of thunderous

the while, a simple, repeating motif, hovers above, or lurks just below
the caustic grinding heaviness, floating like some sonic specter, the
vocals dreamy and drifty, a subtle seventies pagan folk vibe infusing
the otherwise crushing doom. The flute unfurling dreamy melancholic
melodies over vast expanses of crumbling distortion, laced with
glistening harmonics, and warm blurred soft focus shimmer. The drums
slipping from abstract minimal crush to monstrous lumbering groove.
Hypnotic, repetitive, mesmerizing, trancelike.

    At once familiar, and essential listening for fans of Sunn 0))), Harvey Milk, Earth, Boris, Monarch
and all thing slow, low and heavy. But at the same time, strangely
alien, with a subtle muted beauty lurking at the heart of LAKOM's
gloriously epic crumbling black mass of sound, within each song a
breathless subtlety, a deep haunting otherworldliness, transforming
dense low end explorations into something much more expansive and
divine. Even at its very heaviest, it still manages to sound woozy and
dreamlike, haunting and pretty, and utterly breathtaking...

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