INFINITE HATRED - Hateful spell

Misspelled band name. Harsh, buzz saw tremolo riffs. Throat-shredding
shrieks. Drum machine. And song titles like "Satanic Vortex," "Forest of
Black Shadow," and "Nightbringer." Couldn't be more typical, right?
Well, almost. What separates Infiinite Hatred from the pack is the
highly audible, omnipresent bass in every song, a true rarity for black
metal, especially of this super harsh buzzy variety. It works pretty
well actually, and gives this release a leg up in comparison to the
countless faceless black metal bands across the planet. Granted, nothing
else about this release is ground-breaking in the least, but if you
want excellently played raw black metal with a twist then there are
worse things you could do than check this out.

Hailing from South Korea, Infiinite Hatred are nothing like the other 2
examples of Korean black metal I know of (Pyha and Oathean), playing a
much more typical form of straightforward, aggressive black metal. This
sort of stuff is completely hit or miss, as so much of it tends to meld
together that one cannot distinguish Band X from Band V, W, Y or Z.
Being a one man project, one would expect some sort of half-assed
"depressive" black metal, but that is certainly not the case here, with
emphasis on speed and violence rather than self-pity. The bass adds an
extra dimension to this entire album that really made me sit up and take
notice; being a former bass player myself, it's always good to hear a
powerful bass, and the throbbing undercurrent of the bass on this album
is one of the central points, often drowning out the trebly, tremolo
guitars that are the standard for the genre. I always wondered what a
good bass sound would do for a black metal album, and this is a great
example. Makes me wish more bands would actually use the bass instead of
completely burying it behind everything.

Vocals are an instrument, and actually mixed pretty well, neither
overpowering everything or pushed so far back as to be barely audible.
They add to the total cacophony of the tracks, without becoming stupidly
unhinged. I'd bet money that the lyrics are utterly atrocious, but who
really cares with this sort of stuff anyway? You get pure audial hate
with this album, with no bullshit and no frills. It's all sheer,
uncompromising hatred. As to be expected, this kind of stuff gets old
quick, but for what it is, it's pretty damn solid. Worthy of
investigation. A simple album gets a simple review.

Price: 9.99€