HIZAKI grace project / +ISOLATION - Unique (CD with OBI-strip. RARE!!)

 Dark Metal from Japan.
CD with OBI-strip.


Hizaki (officially spelled HIZAKI) is a guitarist and
occasionally solo artist and composer from Shiga, born February 17th,
1979. He is famous for being the main guitarist and composer of the
metal band Versailles (3).

HIZAKI debuted in his hometown with the heavy metal band Garnet Grave in 1997. In April 1999 he formed Crack brain and later moved to Tokyo. In 2002 Crack Brain disbanded and HIZAKI started playing guitar on a session band called グロテスクロマンティッカ, which later became a formal band called Schwardix Marvally.

After Schwardix Marvally disbanded in early 2004, HIZAKI took a
break from the stage and started recording and releasing music as a solo

HIZAKI was invited by vocalist Masaki (4) to join Sulfuric Acid
in 2005. At the same time he started a new solo project called HIZAKI
grace project and had few solo concerts with the help of session
musicians. This project became more prominent after Sulfuric Acid disbanded in October 2006.

In early 2007 HIZAKI formed Versailles (3) with former Lareine vocalist Kamijo and also took part to a theatrical rock show titled Node Of Scherzo. In the meantime he composed music and played guitar for the solo artist Juka.

After Versailles announced that they would go major in late 2008,
HIZAKI put his solo activities on hold in order to focus on the band.

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