HATEWAVE - Hatewave

and possibly last release from this mercenary group of metal assassins
from Chicago, known as Hatewave. Hatewave spew forth totally crushing
math/speed/avant/noise/metal/grind. This recording documents Hatewave at
their peak, in all their demented fury. Whirling riffs collide with
obtuse time changes, shrieking howls are obliterated by frantic blast
beats while ultra precise rhythms desintegrate into waves of entropic

    Furious and brutal and violent and frightening. Pulverising
riffs, blazing speed, calculus-style time shifts and a
barely-under-the-surface free-jazz obsession. Pure fucking intense
aggression, total hatred and extreme chaotic annihilation.

    This record exists in some strange nether region where death
metal, free jazz, grindcore, no-wave and pure noise blend maliciously
together into a frenzied musical bloodbath.

    Their unique two guitar/no bass frontline and the spastic blur
of hyper-blasting beats coalesce into a chaotic assault of mangled high
end riffs, grunting and shrieking. And ultra sick, lightning speed
technical metal/grind bombast.

    Featuring Chicago scene fixture and metal/jazz obsessive, drummer Weasel Walter (Flying Luttenbachers, Lake of Dracula, To Live And Shave in L.A.). Originally this was a limited LP-only release. This new CD version adds 3 bonus tracks
from their 1997 demo! The LP (and at the time, soon to be released CD)
was banned by some squeamish distributors for its somewhat gory cover
art and controversial lyrics, all of which are now retained on the CD.

Price: 8.00€