GOSFORTH - Hornlust

The long-awaited second full-length album by orthodox Nordic Black Metal veterans GOSFORTH
from Northern Italy is now finally unleashed! Hot on the heels of the
cult debut album "V.H.E.M.T." CD and the "Unholy Terror Union" split-EP
with Finnish heavyweights AZAGHAL (both were released on Black Blood Productions), 2006's "HORNLUST" CD fulfills and maintains GOSFORTH's
commitment to creating only true Black Metal of utterly morbid and
obscure grimness. "HORNLUST" guarantees to surely satisfy diehard
by conjuring an unholy and unique blend of all the best and truest
elements of those [aforementioned] hallowed masters, but without
sounding like a stale clone; and thus GOSFORTH successfully and
skillfully rise above the masses to raise the standard of pure
old-school grim Black Metal-- the Devil's Noise! Comparable in the vein
of standout contemporaries such as WATAIN, SETHERIAL, FROZEN SHADOWS, ONDSKAPT, etc. (August 2006)

7 Songs; 36 minutes total running-time.


1. A Dead Souls Lays in My Flesh (5:12)

2. Eternal Curse (6:14) [ MP3 ]

3. Hornlust (5:08) [ MP3 ]

4. Morbid Suicide Desire (4:55)

5. Thee... We Adore (5:02)

6. Temptation Chalice (4:06)

7. From Fetus to the Coffin (5:16) [ MP3 ]

* Online Review at Lunar Hypnosis webzine:

"Gosforth is an Italian black metal band that’s been going at it since
1997, and has a couple of demos out, a split with Azaghal, and one other
full length album released back in 2004. This three piece’s brand of
black metal is in the best tradition of such greats as Taake, Burzum,
Darkthrone, and Watain; thus creating no frills, orthodoxy, and truly
grim sounding black metal music. With razor sharp high caliber guitar
work that truly reeks of malevolence, dismal, and rocking character,
excellent well played drumming, plus tortured screams that sound like a
mixture of Ganzmord and Burzum; you just know this is one excellent
album. To make things all the better the album is produced rather well,
thus leaving behind the childish technique of sounding as raw as
possible that entirely to many bands do these days.

"All the songs on Hornlust standout and have a very addictive hook to
them, but ‘Eternal Curse,’ ‘Hornlust,’ ‘Temptation Chalice,’ and the
acoustic guitar using ‘From Fetus to the Coffin’ are definitely top on
this journalists list. If there was anything negative to say about the
album it would just be the short thirty five minute length of the album.
Hardly important though, I’ll just listen to it again! Hornlust is
definitely a high point in the black metal scene this year making
Gosforth a must hear for anyone into black metal. " -- JJM

* Rating: 10 / 10 [maximum!]

Price: 10.00€