GONKULATOR - Second war in heaven

Gonkulator is a Boston based band, playing
what could best be described as black noise. What you get is a noisy
soundtrack to the armageddon, complete with indecipherable vocals sung
through a pitch shifter type effect that gives them a low, distorted

"Full Moon Over Schlagen" is the instrumental opener, which almost
sounds as if it could be the soundtrack to a zombie movie. From there,
we get "Banish the Holy Trinity", a mostly slow, doomy and moody bit
with bunches of distorted guitar being the main focus. Most of the songs
here are similar in layout, with mid/slow tempo, droning guitars, and
gargling vocals.

If you are a fan of the noisy stuff, get Second War in Heaven, and "Hail the Black Noise".

Price: 11.00€