ENDLESS BLIZARD - Remember your death


New CD (with full-colour lyric booklet) on BlackMetal.com Records!
*Also available on Limited DOUBLE-LP VINYLS -- Heavyweight 140 gram vinyls in GATEFOLD jacket, with printed inner-sheet; only 500 made!

Medieval occult Black War Metal featuring LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH member Roskva (guitars, vocals, all music and lyrics), with VALDUR drummer L.Sxuperion! Also featuring ultra-dark fine artwork by Autarch (LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, NACHTMYSTIUM).

Brooding and intense Nordic-influenced USBM with a touch of old Prog
atmosphere, and agressive Blackened attack closely comparable to CLANDESTINE BLAZE's "Night of the Unholy Flames" plus a strong CELTIC FROST-inspired doomy base. With some obvious similarities to LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, "Remember Your Death" by ENDLESS BLIZZARD
unleashes surprisingly excellent production made prominent through
total clarity of utterly massive sound, all propelled by the blistering
traps of drummer-extraordinaire Lord Sxuperion from VALDUR and SXUPERION!
Sparse use of ancient keyboards give a dark, foreboding atmosphere like
old '70s Prog / Doom bands from Italy; a very obscure and ritualistic
ambience highlighted by the truly cult cover-version of 'Bruder des
Schattens' originally by the legendary POPOL VUH!

Mesmerizing and hallucinogenic at times, yet always headbangingly
aggressive and raging. Overall, well-composed Black Metal songs with
epic cinematic brutality, supported by top-notch guitar-work, and brutal
grim vocals, ENDLESS BLIZZARD's full-length debut album,
'Remember Your Death' [CD or Double-LP], will no doubt impress diehard
fanatics of seriously True American Underground darkness and rage! This
is not 'fun' music to fuck around to, so REMEMBER YOUR DEATH!

10 Songs (indexed as 9 Tracks); 49:06 minutes. Released: Memorial Day 2008.

* Newly reviewed by a former METAL MANIACS editor:

"Led by Roskva of LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH, this is the first full-length from ENDLESS BLIZZARD.
'Remember Your Death' carries on the great traditions of the current
USBM underground while maintaining its own clear sense of direction.
Fusing aggressive, pounding black metal brutality with doom-drenched
passages and prog touches, this is one of the best black metal debuts of
2008. Album opener is an interpretation of Popol Vuh's 'Bruder
Des Schattens' ('Winters Early Breath'), which gives you a clue about
this band's wide-ranging influences." -- Jeff Wagner.

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