ELISABETHA - Uber das Pronzip der Unschuld

ELISABETHA - Über das Prinzip der Unschuld CD
CD in digipack / Beverina Productions

Is there a desire to live a life after you awoke?

Do you wish to flee?

Are you strong enough to be your dream?

Are you ready to give up what you think is reality?

Can you leave behind your faith and to focus the light of your eyes on perception

You must be willing to learn to live again and to bear the pain of thousands of aeons Pain will be a friend on your side.

You will bring death to your loved ones and this will be the sin of your love.


the 14th release of the band. A mix of neo-classic and ambient, 7
compositions, almost 80 minutes. 500 copies edition in golden digipack.

Price: 13.00€