Hellenic Black Metal War from the corpse-painted trio featuring Saevus
Helcath (Former DODSFERD session-guitarist, but only before 2005), with
vocalist Althagor, and female drummer Mechblastess! DEVATHORN's
full-length debut album includes nine tracks of atheistic antidomatism
and elite Vehement Greek Black Metal in its purest form. High-calibre
attack, yet still in the brutal Orthodox vein of Rotting christ,
Varathron, Absu, Melechesh, and Cult of Daath; all with an epic
militaristic aggression, and an underlying headbanging atmosphere
evoking old German Teutonic Thrash! Because of DEVATHORN's female
drummer, obvious comparisons to Germany's Darkened Nocturne
Slaughtercult are inevitable, though posititvely acceptable.

DEVATHORN spearheading the 'SECTA NOVA' -- Hellenic Anti-religious Black Metal!

Under the sign of Misanthropy / Nihilism / Occultism / Suicide.


  1. Ingressus
  2. Diadema
  3. Bleed Heaven Bleed
  4. Legions of Frost
  5. Prelude to Possession
  6. To Transform in His Flesh
  7. Vultus Mortis
  8. Clavus Dei
  9. His Adversary

* Band bio:

DEVATHORN was formed during Winter 2002 anno bastardi, by Saevus Helcath
under the name VEHEMENT. After a few line-up changes, the horde took
its present form with the joining of Althagor (in November '02) and
Mechblastess (in September '03). The horde was re-baptized as DEVATHORN
in January '05, and began working on new material of raw aggressive
Black Metal. After some live performances [with Burial Hordes, Handful
of Hate, Dodsferd, Abyssgale, Obduktion, Miasma, Black Winter, Code of
Silence, etc.], DEVATHORN completed the recordings of the full-length
"DIADEMA" debut album, originally self-released on cdr during September
'06. More live performances are forthcoming to support the official CD
release on Records; plus new songs for the second album
are currently in the works.

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Total running time: 36 minutes

Price: 10.00€