Deadman - Spirito di Pietra

Cat. Number : Dusk005CD

Artist(s) : Deadman

Country : Italy

Title : Spirito di Pietra

Format : Jewel case CD

File : Apocalyptic Black Metal

Barcode : 8021156943746

Release date : January 2011

Tracklist : I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX

Download info/selling sheet : here

Artwork by : ighlif

Sales Note :

“Spirito di pietra” (Spirit of stone) is
simply the result of a constant process of emptying, a progressive loss
of a condition beyond Man and his own dimension.

A powerful and ambience black metal, sometimes apocalyptic, purely
experimental, with post-rock, industrial, and psychedelic finishing
touches, generating Orwellian visions where melodies, stuffed with a
continuous lifetime-long research, echoed and are accompanied by the
mystique of the  Shakespearean sonnets and Pound’s dizzy verses.

Price: 10.00€