BURMESE - Monkeys Tear Man To Shreds, Man Never Forgives Ape, Man Destroys Environment

    Three headed, two bassed, grinding destruction. Pummeling and chaotic droning power violence. Two Mikes and a John. With set times ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, and a sound somewhere between the drone-dirge of Earth and the blazing grind of Drop Dead, San Francisco's low-end destructo commandos Burmese deliver dense, ultra heavy, blazing fast, super low end sludge. With no guitar and two basses, Burmese fuse hardcore, noisecore, death metal and some sort of free jazz into a chaotic and cathartic crush.

    This power (violence) trio let loose with a glorious noise and a furious disregard for their own well being, with live shows ending (and sometimes beginning, for that matter) with the entire band scattered throughout the crowd, writhing on the floor in a heap of destroyed instruments, smashed tables and chairs, covered in (someone's) blood.

burmese in action: john burmese in action: mike burmese in action: mike again

Monkeys Tear Man To Shreds, Man Never Forgives Ape, Man Destroys Environment

    Crazy, heavy, experimental, incendiary, high-speed, low-end noisegrindsludgedoom!!

    The opening track is is an intense improv noise explosion of rib cage rattling rumble, squealing feedback, and spastic drumming. The next 20 tracks take typical grindcore and smash it to pieces, dropping it a few octaves, and adding some seriously fucked arrangements. Off kilter rhythms collide with shrieked vocals, and frenzied, erratic drumming struggles against lumbering riffs, with the whole thing buried under a suffocating layer of downtuned dirge. Survivors of the first 20 tracks, will drag themselves battered and bruised to bow in submission before the epic and skull-crushing free-drone last track, a dizzying subsonic ooze of low frequency buzz and thunderous malevolence, being slowly eaten away by garbled vocals and malfunctioning electronics, until the whole thing dissolves into a wash of turntables and instrument hum.

Price: 10.00€