BLESSMON "Under the storm of hate" DIGIPAK

BLESSMON "Under the storm of hate"
Raw Black Metal !!!!!!!!

BLESSMON is a trio from Austria who both look and sound a lot like
early-nineties IMMORTAL. Obviously the grand total of three guys doesn't
leave much room for a keyboardist or violinist, so naturally they ended
up playing "pure fucking BLACK METAL".

It doesn't take many minutes of intense pounding of the ear-drums to
realise that these chain mail-clad and axe-wielding guys aren't aspiring
to touch upon uncharted musical territory. There are muffled cold riffs
and inhumanly fast blastbeats aplenty, and they never really seem to
catch their breath. With a running time of only slightly more than 30
minutes, it all seems to be over almost before it has begun, and there
isn't really anything that makes me want to go back for more. There is
no shortage of blasphemy and hatred, but it comes nicely pre-packaged
the same way bands like MARDUK have been delivering it for more than 15
years, incredibly fast and under-produced.

If you attempt headbanging to "Under The Storm Of Hate", you will
probably have to wear a neck brace for several weeks later. There are no
punches pulled, and if your ears aren't bleeding half-way through
BLESSMON have failed in their attempt to smash your head into the curb
with their undoubtedly spiky combat boots. I could have pointed out an
highlight or two from the album, but in all sincerity there doesn't seem
to be any. "Under The Storm Of Hate" is by no means a bad Black Metal
album, it's just a very generic and unremarkable one that is lost in a
myriad of similar and superior releases.

(Online January 28, 2008)

Ailo Ravna

Written for the Metal Observer

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