BALANCE INTERRUPTION - Era I: Nuclear war for rescue

BALANCE INTERRUPTION - Era I: Nuclear war for rescue

Russian reissue of the debut album by
post-apocalyptic black metal band from Kiev. Precisely-venomous black
metal, alternated with industrial interludes and ambient-industrial
sketches, low screams, which seem to broadcast from the loud-speaker
that the Earth soon will be covered with nuclear dust and all flesh will
finally die!

From the very first track codenamed "Chernobyl" Balance Interruption
paints devastating scenes of human self-destruction. All emphases are
absolutely accurate: rough asceticism of guitar lines sentences the
world to annihilation, hard-edged rhythm section opens the nuclear
missile launch cell and the rasping merciless vocals press the
push-button and put an end to the future of the civilization! The
synthetic post-nuclear landscapes reveal totally scorched earth and the
ruins of cities, turned to dust.

Release date: 13.04.2010 | Format: (CD) | Genre: black metal

Price: 10.00€