DEDALE(S) - Endless corridords

Style: Industrial, Dark ambient, Noise

Label [Cat. #]: Alchemic Sound Museum [asmdistro01]

Format: Pro CDr, Carton cover

Country: International

Released: 2009

Dedale(s) is the joint effort of Dolorism and Loki Fun Lilith also with a contribution of Adrien Mailler (No Way Out).

The sound ranges from the very industrial universe of Dolorism, the
mechanic weels of Silent Hill and of Metropolis grinding a few souls
lost in a labyrinth to the ecstatic explosions of Loki Fun Lilith who
does not hesitate to wreck an array of unexpected samples under the
sometimes painful squeaks of frantic waves....


1. Dolorism – Wake Up The Weak ! (3:48)

2. Loki Fun Lilith – Carrion Aurora (15:24)

3. Dolorism – Survivarium (5:41)

4. No Way Out – Deadsun (4:04)

5. Dolorism – Whispering Citadel (4:45)

6. Loki Fun Lilith – Boreal Beast (9:20)

7. Dolorism – Veritas Sacred Fames (8:29)

8. Loki Fun Lilith – The Groove of The Black Sun (10:01)

9. Loki Fun Lilith / Dolorism – Unsafety Swamp (12:53)

Price: 8.00€