Moloch "A journey to the vyrdin" PRO-TAPE WITH POSTER

"A journey to the Vyrdin" special tape version

Cassette album (Released in '11, the Asian tape edition of  the CD album '08 of this raw negative black metal from the Ukrainian underground. Moloch is rather well-known to depressive black metal / dark ambient followers for such raw atmospheric Nordic-influenced style with a very personal touch. Like a poison of early Burzum, I Shalt Become & Striborg that fans of this genre shouldn't miss. This album is quite successful output and best describes an atmosphere of all 9 worlds from Scandinavian Mythology. This is difficult to understand Vyrdin. The concepts of time and space are meaningless. Away from our world to somewhere that the source of life reflects the light of the black moon, and the faceless shadow ever wanders in search of depression. New front cover artwork / layout for this Thai tape version. Pro-done tape and strictly limited to 366 hand-numbered copies at SLAVA Productions with A4 poster like cover art !!

"Трудно понять Вирдин. Понятия пространства и времени являются бессмысленными. Определяющие качества здесь - сила духа и духовная чистота. Это мой подсознательный путь в Вирдин, в сеть прочно сплетенных нитей судьбы, которые удерживают все вместе. Прочь от нашего мира туда, где источник жизни отражает свет луны, а безликие тени вечно блуждают в поисках спокойствия".

All guitar structures were written between various LCD trip of Summer 2008. All recording, mastering and mix were made at Moloch studio (Ukraine) by Sergiy Fjordsson in late Autumn 2008 with Reel-to-reel/open-reel [audio] tape recorder, in the same period were recorded some songs for “Misanthropie ist der einzige Weg zur Reinheit”.Here are distorted bass were used on this album, as well as the old tube amplifiers and pedals.

Slava Productions
- Asian Tape version
of this album. Limited to 366 pro-tapes with A4 poster-like b/w
pro-cover inlay. Cat. Number: SVP030.


Price: 5.99€