How to order

1. Make orders via our site. Follow the steps during checkout, and you will get confirmation email in a few minutes.
2. or EMAIL US at (and this is NOT paypal email! this email just for messages!) a list of what you want to order, include your shipping address and method of payment.
3. or contact us on facebook: with list of what you want to order, include your shipping address and method of payment.
We will reply within 24 working hours with the total cost including postage. Your order will be held upon confirmation
Re-send your message if you didn't receive our answer during 48 hours OR PLEASE check your spam box, because somethimes our messages may be perceived as spam of your email system.

We accept the following methods of payment:
(You can select more convinient payment method in the order form)
1) Paypal
2) SWIFT payment
3) Moneygram (similar to Western Union)
4) Cash in letter

Be sure that received amount are in EURO.
If you select CASH - please ask us about all payment details.
If you select Western Union - please ask us about all payment details.

If you select SWIFT - please ask us about all payment details and be sure that your order more than 50 euro.
When you make order - please pay in the same day or day after!

All or
ders shipped by registered first class mail.
Small orders with 1 item, shipped by standart airmail.

PLEASE write your mobile phone number in the adress. This is IMPORTANT for good delivery.
Double check your shipping adress and be sure that adress are correct.
Shipping can be trackable here or here or any other tracking services.

Just add the items you want to order to the shopping cart which will calculate shipping cost accurately for you (you don't need to create an account for this or submit anything online!).
Customers from some european countries like Germany, Poland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and Switzerland must select "airmail shipping outside europe", due shipping laws of this countries.

All patches are embroidered & hight quality.
Shipping time (not delivery time) for the Patch order, somethimes can be up to 30 days. So, be patient, please.

All standart CDs & CDRs (CD + booklet + inlay) will be SHIPPED WITHOUT PLASTIC CASES (p.s. Digipacks/Special editions comes as they are of course) to save you on shipping costs. Well protected and good packed.

You can order some of our releases in digital MP3, FLAC or WAV at our official bandcamp page: If you wish to order some releases in digital form but can not find it at our bandcamp - send us message with items you wish to order in digital form and we will back to you with price and possibility to order it in this way.

You can select any stuff in our webstore from list "free stuff". Be sure that you really need it.
Please select just 1 free item per order.

Each tape you can order with these options:
1. "Сassette in plastic case" - this is standart option. You will get a recorded cassette, inlay cover and plastic box. This option is for all true cassette maniacs !!
2. "Add audio master CDR for this cassette" - you will get recorded cassette, inlay cover, plastic box AND plain white cdr with digital files. This option is good for people who collect audio cassettes but also prefer get digital files of release. This option cost additional 2 euro for every cassette.
3. "This release not as cassette, but as Master Audio CDR + cassette cover" -  instead cassette you will get only plain white CDR (with digital files) and original cover inlay from cassette. This option is good for  people who want to get only digital files of release and have original cassette inlay.
3. "Send this cassette without plastic case" - you will get recorded cassette and inlay cover art. NO plastic box. This option is perfect if you have some empty plastic boxes. Selecting this option you save 1 euro from every cassette. And this are good option if you order many cassettes, so you then can save good amount of money.