Nebelkorona - Tannenhochforst (2010) promo CD

Fours years after the highly acclaimed last full-length album    
"Reminiszenzen an das Morgenrot / Relikte des Abendrotes",       
Nebelkorona is back with the 2nd full-length entitled            
"Tannenhochforst".The new record features seven tracks of finest 
dark and melancholic Neofolk.

Lamenting acoustic guitars are mixed with "romantic" and         
melancholic piano parts, solemn synthesizer landscapes and clean 
vocals. "Tannenhochforst" leads the listener to snow-covered     
alpine mountains and into wintry forests.                        
A perfect soundtrack for long and cold winter nights and for the 
soulful twilight in the alpine forests and mountains.            
The album is endowed with a crystal clear sound and features a   
great variety of moods and ambiences.

"Tannenhochforst" was mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum, Triarii, 
Sturmpercht,...) and features a video clip for the track         
1   Morgenstunden
2   Windstille
3   Sonnenhall
4   Dezemberabend
5   Baumgespenster
6   Waldzauber
7   Abschiedsfeuer

Price: 5.00€