The Triple Tree - Ghosts DIGIPACK

The Triple Tree consists of Tony Wakeford (Sol Invictus) and Andrew King
aided and abetted by M, Autumn Grieve, Kris Force, Guy Harries, Renee
Rosen and John Murphy, and is an extended homage to the supernatural
fiction of M. R. James (with a certain nod to his notable studies in the
New Testament Apocrypha) the greatest ghost story writer in the English
language, and the finest medievalist of his generation. Join Dr
Wakeford and the Rev. King as they search for the Three Crowns, attempt
to Cast the Runes, purchase The Mezzotint, follow Mr Abney’s “remarkable
enlightenment” in Lost Hearts, and join Count Magnus on the “Black
Crusade”! Winter evenings will never be the same again… Presented in a
luxurious digipak with booklet.

Price: 12.00€