Tsjuder - Legion Helvete - CD DIGIPAK WITH METAL BADGE

TSJUDER are back! When the trio announced splitting up in 2006, it left a
huge gap for the many fans of Norwegian Black Metal. Therefore “Legion
Helvete” became a highly anticipated release once TSJUDER announced
their reunion last year. Next to DIMMU BORGIR, SATYRICON and IMMORTAL
the three musicians from Oslo are one of the very few bands that manage
to keep their roots in the harsh sounds loved by the underground but at
the same time being able to write catchy melodies and great songs that
make them appeal to the general Metal scene. Their fourth full-length
stands proud witness to this development, which started with their first
EPs “Throne of the Goat” (1997) and “Atum Nocturnem” (1999). The
following debut album “Kill For Satan” (2000) as well as “Demonic
Possession” (2002) and “Desert Northern Hell” (2004) brought critical
praise to their enormous fan base. Join their ranks now!

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