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06/25/2013 Pentagram patch #3 Merchandise
06/25/2013 Floppy Noise Records Patch Merchandise
06/22/2013 URUK-HAI "Balrog" CD-R
06/22/2013 Lovedrown "Blood Red Snow" CD-R
06/22/2013 URUK-HAI "Morgoth" CD-R
06/22/2013 Höhle "To My Morning Star" CD-R
06/08/2013 URUK-HAI / ONYX - split CD-R
06/04/2013 MOLОCH symbol patch Merchandise
05/31/2013 CHURCH OF NIHIL "demø" CD-R
05/31/2013 NEH CZNEG / ASIO "split" CD-R
05/29/2013 GAUTH "Diaphanous" Tape
05/28/2013 GAUTH "Diaphanous" CD-R
05/21/2013 i AM esper "Garnet" Tape
05/21/2013 i AM esper "Lux Lucis" Tape