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01/16/2013 OCCTURNUS "Tenebris" CD-R
01/12/2013 Melancholy of life "Demo" Tape
01/12/2013 ANNORKOTH "The last days" Tape
01/12/2013 SUICIDAL Patch Merchandise
01/10/2013 NOISE Patch Merchandise
01/10/2013 DARK AMBIENT patch Merchandise
01/10/2013 DSBM patch (colors) Merchandise
01/10/2013 Pentagram patch Merchandise
01/09/2013 EMPTINESS SOUL "Three days" Tape
01/05/2013 BLACKTHRONE patch Merchandise
01/05/2013 ДРЁМ Patch Merchandise
01/04/2013 HULDUEFNI "The alignment" Tape
01/04/2013 HULDUEFNI "Deep darkness" Tape
01/04/2013 MERKNET Patch (version 2) Merchandise
01/04/2013 MERKNET patch Merchandise
01/04/2013 LOUD SILENCE Patch Merchandise
01/04/2013 Wolfsangel patch Merchandise
01/02/2013 ANNORKOTH "The last days" CD-R
01/02/2013 HULDUEFNI "The alignment" CD-R
12/29/2012 VIXERUNT "The atmosphere" CD-R
12/29/2012 HULDUEFNI "Deep darkness" CD-R
12/28/2012 VEPHAR "The presence" Tape
12/28/2012 ECHO OF EMPTINESS "Alone" Tape
12/28/2012 XILGAMESH "Conspiracy" Tape
12/24/2012 UTUMNO "Nocturnal Purity" CD-R
12/21/2012 ANTI-CHRISTIAN ASSAULT patch Merchandise
12/19/2012 TRUE BLACK METAL patch Merchandise
12/19/2012 Alcest patch Merchandise
12/19/2012 Apati patch Merchandise
12/19/2012 BLACK METAL ELITE patch Merchandise
12/19/2012 SUICIDAL BLACK METAL patch (colors) Merchandise
12/19/2012 Solstafir patch Merchandise
12/19/2012 Katharsis patch Merchandise
12/19/2012 ATMOSPHERIC BLACK METAL patch Merchandise