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12/19/2011 DESOLATION "Shinigami" Tape
12/14/2011 Pentagram patch (colors) Merchandise
12/14/2011 Schwarze Sonne Patch Merchandise
12/14/2011 KARG "Vortex" Tape
12/14/2011 AMELNAKRU patch Merchandise
12/14/2011 WASTE OF LIFE patch Merchandise
12/14/2011 STAY IN NEGATIVITY patch Merchandise
12/11/2011 GURTHANG "ll" Tape
12/11/2011 GURTHANG "Legions of doom" Tape
12/11/2011 AGOURO "Opus Apocalyptic" Tape
12/11/2011 LURID "Lurid" Tape
12/11/2011 NULL "Decompozioni" Tape
12/11/2011 NULL "Detonazioni" Tape
12/11/2011 SYMBIOSIS "Slavine" Tape