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02/06/2012 AMUSUK "Fear of the forest" Tape
02/03/2012 AMUSUK "Fear of the forest" CD-R
02/02/2012 SINGULARIS "Conversion" Tape
02/01/2012 SENIUM "To Deem Taboo" Tape
01/27/2012 OOPB "18.12.2010" Tape
01/23/2012 RANCID ENTITY "Demo ll" Tape
01/04/2012 A-MORALITY "Demo 2011" Tape
12/28/2011 BLACK FOG "Darkness" Tape
12/27/2011 SAAGAR "From the plains" Tape
12/26/2011 Sigil of Lucifer Patch (colors) Merchandise
12/23/2011 IN STADIO ULTIMO patch SYMBOL Merchandise
12/23/2011 ART IMPERIAL "Wolf" Tape
12/22/2011 PSYCHONAUT 4 Patch Merchandise
12/22/2011 PSYCHONAUT 4 "Have a nice trip" patch Merchandise
12/21/2011 HASSMACHTFREI "Abgrund" Tape
12/21/2011 GMORK "Nocturne" Tape
12/19/2011 EXPRESS YOURSELF JUST SAY YES patch Merchandise
12/19/2011 BEYOND LIFE patch Merchandise