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08/20/2012 MISTAKE - Empty visions Tape
08/15/2012 BLACKTHRONE "Ihmisvihaaja" Tape
08/12/2012 MISTAKE - Empty visions CD-R
08/10/2012 BLACKTHRONE "Ihmisvihaaja" CD-R
08/06/2012 AZIF patch Merchandise
08/06/2012 Triebtat patch Merchandise
08/06/2012 ASKAROTH patch Merchandise
08/06/2012 GRAVELAND PATCH with new logo Merchandise
08/04/2012 BLACK FOLLY - Le fardeau CD-R
08/04/2012 AMELNAKRU "The prisoner" CD-R
08/04/2012 BLACK FOLLY - Le fardeau Tape
08/01/2012 CARNAGE "Ad Lux Fero ll" CD-R
07/25/2012 MOLOCH Logo Patch Merchandise
07/25/2012 GRAVELAND PATCH with old logo Merchandise
07/24/2012 Angew "A Night Voyage" CD-R
07/23/2012 ASKAROTH "Lejania" Tape
07/21/2012 ASKAROTH "Lejania" CD-R
06/29/2012 COLD "Lonely wolf" CD-R
06/27/2012 SIEGREICH "Bluttreue" CD-R