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07/27/2013 UTU - Imperivm CD-R
07/26/2013 URUK-HAI patch Merchandise
07/25/2013 SIGILS OF DEMONS (Various) patches Merchandise
07/22/2013 Najand "The End" CD-R
07/21/2013 Osculum Infame Patch Merchandise
07/19/2013 Daemonificium "Demo l" Tape
07/16/2013 URUK-HAI "The Uruk-Hai" CD-R
07/12/2013 RINGBEARER "Undying" CD-R
07/12/2013 NORTHORN "R.O.S." CD-R
07/12/2013 SEROTOSIS "Ressentiment" Tape
07/10/2013 GLOOMY YEARS "Dim Dreams" CD-R
07/08/2013 URUK-HAI "Natt Skogen" CD-R
07/08/2013 SEROTOSIS "Ressentiment" CD-R
07/04/2013 MARNA "Terra Morte" CD-R
07/04/2013 DER STURМER patch Merchandise
07/03/2013 ENTS "Mother Earth" CD-R
07/03/2013 Thysanura "Mental wounds" CD-R
07/01/2013 HELLVETE "Hellvete" CD-R
06/25/2013 Pentagram patch #3 Merchandise
06/25/2013 Floppy Noise Records Patch Merchandise
06/22/2013 URUK-HAI "Balrog" CD-R
06/22/2013 Lovedrown "Blood Red Snow" CD-R
06/22/2013 URUK-HAI "Morgoth" CD-R
06/22/2013 Höhle "To My Morning Star" CD-R