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10/08/2012 GESTAP0 666 Patch Merchandise
10/08/2012 Grimorium Verum - Relation CD-R
10/08/2012 PANTHE0N Patch Merchandise
10/08/2012 А r у a n Blood patch Merchandise
10/08/2012 INFERNAL WAR patch Merchandise
10/08/2012 Blut aus Nord patch Merchandise
10/08/2012 Nåstrond Patch Merchandise
10/08/2012 Mortifera Patch Merchandise
10/05/2012 THE GREAT KAT patch Merchandise
10/05/2012 Darkspace patch Merchandise
10/05/2012 DARK ANGEL patch Merchandise
10/04/2012 THORVI - Ponad Morzem Mgły CD-R
10/04/2012 THORVI - Throne of Ivory CD-R
10/02/2012 NORTT patch Merchandise
09/30/2012 EMPTINESS SOUL "No future" CD-R
09/30/2012 LORD ANDRAS "Alex..." CD-R
09/29/2012 TIAMAT patch Merchandise
09/29/2012 Satanic cross patch Merchandise
09/29/2012 SATANIC PATCH Merchandise
09/29/2012 Beherіt patch (yellow) Merchandise
09/29/2012 EMPTINESS SOUL "No future" Tape
09/29/2012 FAULEN "Years of suicide" Tape
09/29/2012 SIEGREICH "Bluttreue" Tape
09/29/2012 ALIEN LOVE "Undead Nation" Tape