Moloch / Moonknight split 7'EP

MOLOCH from Ukraine delivers a nsong titled "Die
letzten Strahlen der Sonne verblassen in der Kalte der Apathie" that
continues the great tradition of cold, raw and angular despair you have
come to expect from the tortured artist Sergiy Fjordsson. MOONKNIGHT
returns with "Night Creature", a bleak, depressive dirge which is the
first new song since 2012's "Ligeia" and the first material to feature
live drums courtesy of Andorkappen aka LORD TIME. Cover art on the
MOONKNIGHT side courtesy of artist Johnny Ryan, MOLOCH cover art and
overall layout by Sergiy Fjordsson.
Limited pressing of 250 copies on black vinyl. Heavy stock pro-printed folding covers with black inner sleeves.

Price: 10.00€