Zoopark "Zoopark"

Zoopark (Russian: Зоопа́рк) was one of the founding rock groups which began the Russian rock movement. The group was founded in 1980.[1] It consisted of singer-songwriter Mike Naumenko, guitarist Aleksandr Khrabunov and a varied group of artists. The first album recorded was All Brothers are Sisters with Boris Grebenshikov in 1978. They recorded on the banks of the Neva River in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) with a "choir" of drunken friends and colleagues playing percussion on metal cans.[2]
Naumenko was a rock outcast, concentrating his work on electrified
hard-core blues, although his Russian-language poetic songwriting made
him a favorite in the hippie underground.[3]

Russian Psychedelic Rock !!

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