Kruiz (Russian: Круиз) is a hard rock/heavy metal band from

Moscow, Moscow, Russia (former USSR), that was formed in 1980.

Kruis (russisch Круиз, wiss. Transliteration Kruiz) ist eine russische Heavy-Metal-Band. Sie war die erste Metal-Band aus der ehemaligen UdSSR, die internationale Bekanntheit erlangte.

Cruise (Kruiz, Russian: Круиз) is a rock band from the former Soviet Union. Started in 1980 as a government-controlled soft rock and pop

act, the band enjoyed great success all across the USSR before the

revocation of their license to perform/record in 1984 as part of the

state's brief crackdown on the Western culture. In 1985, founding member

and guitarist Valery Gaina reformed the band with a completely

different lineup that featured him on lead vocals. This was followed by a

major shift in the overall sound and image; from pop rock to heavy metal. In 1987, the band officially released their debut album "Kruiz-1" as a metal band, selling one million of legal copies.[1] Outside Russia, they are best known for their video, In Flames, which was played many times in the mid-1980s, on the Canadian

metal show, The Power Hour. Having released their debut English

language album in 1988, Kruiz toured extensively in Russia, Europe, and

North America before breaking up in 1990.

In 1992, all founding members, excluding Gaina, reformed a

non-metal version of the band. Gaina, in turn, organized a one-off

reunion of the band's metal lineup in 2016, playing a few sold-out shows

to commemorate the 30th anniversary of "Kruiz-1", which was

self-published in 1986 on audiotapes prior to its formal release a year


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