ILLAPA - Deshonestos y Hechiceros PRO-TAPE

ILLAPA , Deshonestos y Hechiceros (1996) re edition by Mercyful Hell Prods (MHP 021) and Old Skull Productions.
Pro tape LTD 150 copies

Illapa, the ancient god whom lead the skies - or the thunder - give us
the mission to re-edit the first full lenght "Deshonestos y Hechiceros"
(meaning "Dishonest and sorcerers").
For his revenge we are about to start in the battle with this 5 rites in the vein of black metal.

What is the concept behind all this?

In Ancient peruvian-andean culture, everywhere was sacred, and had
become in that way because the relation between the Runa (human), its
environment and surrounding forces.
Sorcerers they became during the
spanish colony, because people were persecuted in order to forget
ancient traditions and incurse into a Christian religion, foreign
language and mentality. For that reasons, this end up to make cultural
syncretism, which includes the ideas of witchery from a medieval spanish
mind, to the ideas or rites that they had. "Dishonest" shall be those
whom in some way kept the traditions though under new ways, setting up
the fire above the shadow of an old past.

The amazing artwork shown for the tshirt and tape was created by Toni Hietomaa using some concepts of peruvian ancient culture.

Price: 6.99€