NOCTICULA - In the mirrors of Hades

Currently the last album by the oldest and probably the most
underestimated melodic black metal band from Donbass! The album had been
recorded as early as in 2012, however it took the band some efforts to
make the material available for the black metal community, and these
efforts were not in vain! The first thing to be noted about the album is
a prominent melodism of the material: keyboards play a major role among
the other instruments in the structure of the songs rather than being a
background. Nevertheless, the raw cemeterial breath of black metal
remains distinct in the guitar and vocal lines as well as in the lyrics.
At first sight the sound of the album seems to be too archaic or even
outdated: there is no currently familiar wall of sound and compression
characteristic of an endless line of Dimmu Borgir clones. But this is
not a flaw – it is where charm and recognizability of the band begin,
and there is nothing in excess that can distract listeners from the
message hidden in this piece of pure black art!

Price: 8.00€