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11/23/2016 Shield Wall "Modir Vanadis" CD-R
11/23/2016 Shield Wall "Modir Vanadis" Tape
11/21/2016 Khyæghürr "Khyæghürr" Tape
11/21/2016 Boarstusk "Boarstusk" Tape
11/21/2016 REPTIL - Invasion CD-R
11/14/2016 Schlammblut "May I Suffer" Tape
11/12/2016 Neuromnesia Patch Merchandise
11/05/2016 A.V.D.L "Desolation" Tape
11/05/2016 A.V.D.L "Love​/​Pupil" Tape
11/05/2016 A.V.D.L "Blue Eyes Blue" Tape
11/02/2016 Mortespermia - xXx Raw xXx Tape
10/31/2016 DEPRESSION GOD - Nightmare CD-R
10/27/2016 Nerguth - Nascentes Morimur CD-R