WOMD pin

Pin of the WOMD band: http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/WOMD/3540324838#band_tab_discography
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Impostüre, Nazi Zombies Invasion, Occult Vomit, Wolok, Yâb, ex-Belzebul, ex-Black Sheep, ex-Gore, ex-Skullface, ex-The Eternal Fire, ex-Vlad Drakul, ex-White Bastard, ex-Wurzburg, ex-Yog Sothoth, ex-Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh, ex-Docteur Z,
Ancient Times, Death Chamber, Doomed to Failure, Luc Victor M, LV. M.,
Ogre, Paria, Petrified, Saturn Rings, Sick, Space Ritual, Stigma
Diabolicum, ex-Disfavor, ex-Zaghurim, ex-Dockalfar,
ex-Cosmic Conspiracy, ex-Deadman, ex-Dust, ex-R.I.P., ex-Skull Vs.
Crow, ex-Suicide, ex-Terror, ex-The Dead's Song, ex-Themgoroth, ex-UNK

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