D.E.F.A.M.E. - Residents and guests of the rectum

Well, much to porn CD collectors delight the new album by D.E.F.A.M.E. –
“Residents and guests of the rectum" – is released in CD format! The
album includes the best porno/ shit/ grind hits sliced in 3 years.
Greasy low sound, appropriate deep vocals, conceptual lyrics, bouncy
dancing riffs that will make you bang your head and rectum until you
shake all your shit out! A controversial and provocative cover art
featuring the characters designed by Dirty Harry is also in place to
please the fans of such sort of paintings! The band also prepared
several cover versions: both the classics of the genre and the musicians
remote from extreme metal ended up in the crosshairs! You wanted Groovy
Gore grind? This is it!!! Ave Vlad Topalove!!! All honor to the Great

Price: 9.00€