Tribute to BURZUM - v/a compilation

cut 1207: v/a compilation: Tribute to BURZUM.
DVD-R (white or any other standart DVD-R with all tracks recorded in mp3, Wav, Wma and other formats as they come directly from bands).
Play on PC or any other DVD audio systems.
Limited to 111 copies. DVD case edition.

Track list:
Der Einsiedler  (France) - Han Som Reiste
Hyperborea (Colombia) - Han Som Reiste
Winter Depression (Ukraine) -  Han Som Reiste
Mardrom (Germany) - Han Som Reiste
Ssunfuck (Usa) - Han Som Reiste
Müldeponie (France) - Hermodr A Helferd
Microkiropterus (Russia) -Hermoðr Á Helferð
Müldeponie (France) - Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Sule Der Singularitt
Serotosis (United Kingdom) - Erblicket die Tochter des Firmaments
Moloch (Ukraine) - Erblicket die Tochter des Firmaments
Funerary Descent (Usa) - Beholding The Daughters Of The Firmament
Ash (Indonesia) - Erblicket Die Tochter Des Firmaments
Hellvete (Indonesia) - Lost Wisdom
Funeror (Spain) - Lost Wisdom
Ash (Indonesia) - Lost Wisdom
Grímsvötn (United Kingdom) - Feeble Screams From Forest Unknown
Al-Azif (Costa Rica) - Dunkelheit
Gurthang (Poland) - Dunkelheit
Ash (Indonesia) - Dunkelheit
Lyset (Spain) - Dunkelheit
Hyperborea (Colombia) - Dunkelheit
Sacrilegius Funeral (Costa Rica) - Dunkelheit
Müldeponie (France) - Moti Ragnarokum
Kingdom of SHAD (Belarus) - A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
Fethuruz (Venesuela) - My Journey to the Stars
Ràzakél Krièg (United Kingdom) - Ea Lord Of The Depths
Gynophagia (United Kingdom) - The Crying Orc
Necroennui (Usa) - The Crying Orc
Müldeponie (France) - The Crying Orc
Warground (Usa) - Channeling the Power of Souls Into a New God
Prometheus Rising (United Kingdom) - Burzum
Fort (Russia) - War
Internal Decadence (Greece) - War
Nightfall (Canada) -Dunkelheit
Teratology (Brasil) - Lost Wisdom
Almófar (Argentina) - Tomhet
Avarayr (Iran) - Tomhets Pt. 2
Müldeponie (France) - Tomhet
Ash (Indonesia) -  Illa Tithandi
Müldeponie (France) - Illa Tidandi
Moloch (Ukraine) - Gebrechlichkeit I
Balpehor (Costa Rica) -  Dauði Baldrs
Müldeponie (France) - Daudi Baldrs
Ash (Indonesia) - Die Nerpus Love
Müldeponie (France) - Die Liebe Nerpus
Gucumatz (Mexico) - My journey to the stars
Ash (Indonesia) - En Ring Til a Herske
Ash (Indonesia) - Black Spell Of Destruction
Anhedonia (Poland) - Spell of Destruction
Müldeponie (France) - I Heimr Heljar
Sturm (United Kingdom) - Illa Tidandi
Erkhrankung (Ukraine) - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Uruk-Hai (Austria) - The Crying Orc
Uruk-Hai (Austria) - Hermoðr á Helferð
Humano (Argentina) - Dunkelheit
Vixenta (Australia) - Black Spell Of Destruction

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