Corrosive Audio-Stench - International Compilation DOUBLE CDR

Part One Bands:

Agamenom Project (brazil)
Ataque Cardíaco (Brazil)
Baixo Calão (Brazil)
Chaotic Sound (Brazil)
Desire (Indonesia)
Dor De Ouvido (BraZil)
Industrial Holocaust (BraZil)
Extreme Smoke 57 (Slovenia)
Totalnoisecore (Paraguay)
Vampiric Cold Blood (Greece)
Tuco (Italia)
Jareniy Ciplyonak (Bulgaria)
Slaughtergrave (Greece)
No One Gets Out Alive (Germany)
Japura Noise Project (BraZil)
I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua (States)

 Part Two Bands:

Department Of Correction (France)
Panspermia (States)
Rancid Flesh (Brazil)
Ratbomb (France)
Sauerkraut (Bulgaria)
Rezeegtnuk (Canada)
Abject Music For Business (Russia)
Fetal Deformity (Mexico)
Josef Nadek (Austria)
Otnamus (Indonesia)
Protest Underground Noise Kaos (Portugal)
Re-Charge De-Charge (Ita/UK/Czech)
Vomitous Discharge (Germany)
To-Die (Indonesia)
Grossness (Bulgaria)
P.U.N.K. (Portugal)
No One Gets Out Alive (Germany)
Slaughtergrave (Greece)


When you can see, its a double cdr. It comes with a double booklet for each cdr, adhesives for each cdr...

Price: 10.00€